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Kwakiutl House Frame 1914

The Curtis Sesquicentennial Celebration

 It’s such a big dream, I can’t see it all.
-Edward Curtis

Curtis Self Portrait

Tswatenok Girl, 1914

The Curtis Sesquicentennial Celebration is an unprecedented celebration of the life and work of world-renowned Seattle native Edward S. Curtis, including the iconic photographs and extensive text he created with the active participation of 10,000 Native people. The epicenter will be the state of Washington and the Pacific Northwest. The 2018 CURTIS150 celebration will attract local, regional, national and international audiences, who will view and participate in a wide variety of exhibitions, educational programs, public outreach initiatives and other activities, all inspired by the genius of Edward Curtis and what may have been the largest collaborative, participatory project in history. This is a profoundly human story, told in pictures, word and sound, that has touched twenty – thirty million people around the world over the past twenty years.

The 150th Anniversary Celebration will explore and stimulate thought and discussion about art, culture, education, science, history, the environment and what it means to be human. It will also foster discussions relating to cultural diversity, Native American history and culture, the environment, inclusion, resilience, vision, passion, commitment and leadership.

This multi-institution, multi-disciplinary initiative was first conceptualized in February of 2014. We currently have commitments or expressions of interest for over one hundred and fifty institutions and individuals from throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Several of the institutions that are currently participating are Seattle Public Library, Seattle Art Museum, University of Washington (Special Collections), The Rainer Club, University of Washington Press, American Friends Committee Northwest Indian Program, Atelier 6 (Bend Oregon) and The Edward Curtis Foundation.


The Curtis Sesquicentennial Celebration

If you would like to participate or get further information, please contact us: | 612.212.7044 or | 612.377.2252 

A Tlu’wulaha Mask Tsawatenok, 1914

Taos Water Girls, 1905

Waihusiwa, A Zuni Kyaqimassi, 1903

Kutenai Duck Hunter, 1910

Canyon de Chelly- Navaho, 1904

Puget Sound Baskets, 1912

Qahatika-Girl, 1907

Ganaskidi Navaho (God of the Harvest)1904

Lummi Type, 1899